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Bad_Service, I need your help.

I am trying to get out of my Sprint phone contract because of their shoddy billing system and also horrible customer service. I have being having a five month ordeal with them and am finally at my wits end. (I think I've actually already posted in here about it before....)

So far I have talked to two retention department people and they have both said the cancellation fees are non-negotiable and also that I would be charge $200 per line (I have three lines on my account) if I were to cancel. I know this is kind of crap because I have talked to many people who have also been fed up with Sprint/Nextel and have quit without paying their cancellation charges.

The reps say that I have signed a contract and that's why it's non negotiable. I say I signed a contract based on the understanding I would be receiving at least adequate customer service.

I need your help because I cannot afford $600 to leave Sprint and I can't afford to deal with their billing system anymore. I have lost countless hours and who knows what kind of money I lost before I caught wise to their craziness.

I'm considering filing a BBB complaint about their billing, but I don't know how much water that will hold.

Basically, I've never had to be in this situation before and so I'm hoping that someone will know more than I do.
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