Misty (krazydiva) wrote in bad_service,

Dairy queen suckage

My husband and I were on a six hour car trip. About halfway into it we were both starving and the only place to stop was a Dairy Queen in a little town in the middle of nowhere.

We go in and discover that we don't have any small bills, and they don't take anything over a twenty. However, there was a large sign on the register that says "We take debit cards with pin numbers". We go up to the register and order our food. My husband hands her the card and she takes it, and slides it through the machine and stares at us. My husband tells her he needs to enter the pin number and starts looking for the pin pad device. She says "Oh, we don't take the ones with pin numbers"

My husband says "But it says right here on your register in large print "We take debit cards with pin numbers". She tells him "No it doesn't, we only take credit cards".

He said that was fine, but they should really remove their sign if they don't take the debit with pin numbers.

She calls her manager over, and the manager looks at the card and says "We don't take these, only credit cards" My husband tells her "ok, but you should really remove this big sign that says "we take debit cards with pin numbers"

She comes from behind the counter and says in a very bitchy tone "Just where is this "sign" that you are seeing. My husband points to it, and she very sheepishly takes the sign down, and walks away.
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