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I ordered insulin for my uncle recently. His medications come out of MedCo (which is a requirement from his insurance). This isn't a complaint about MedCo, though I've had a few rounds with them in the past. This is UPS and their messed up driver and response system.
Insulin has to be kept cold or it goes bad fast. They ship 2nd day packed in materials to keep it cold. It arrived on time, no problem. Except the lazy-ass driver that didn't knock or ring the bell, just sat it on the front step, in the sun, and walked away. It's marked as medication and perishable. The uncle was sitting not 10 feet from the door and we have small yappy dogs. Only reason he knew something was going on was seeing someone walk past the window. So he opened the door, saw the package and set it in the fridge.

So I get home that night and hear what happened. I called MedCo who threw a fit and contacted UPS while I was still on the line, then told me to also file a complaint. I sent off the following email:

I received a package of medication today, marked Perishable. I was home, sitting not 10 feet from the door. I saw someone walk past the window, walked over and opened the door to find my package sitting there, on the step. The driver never rang the bell, knocked, nothing. I brought my insulin inside and placed in the refrigerator. Had I not seen him that would have sat there all day until my niece came home and found it, at which point I wouldn't have had medication, as it would have been ruined and needed reordered, and I'd be out-and possibly dead before it arrived.
Your driver, I repeat, never rang the bell or knocked for a medication package marked perishable and left it sitting on a door step, outside, in the sun.

I got a call the next day from a bitchy rep telling me it's medco's fault, until told it's marked, and left in the sun. Then she says the driver has marked he knocked and no one answered. Bull, not flying either. Her response at the end was to quit ordering meds online and go to a drug store.

Today I find a written response in my email:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I have forwarded your concerns to your local UPS Delivery Center for further assistance. You can expect a call by the end of the business day today, 03/20/08.
I am sorry that your doorbell was not rung at delivery.
Please contact us if you need any additional assistance.

I've written a letter to corporate and mailed it, with the above in it. But damn, talk about incompetent and uncaring.

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