dogiikurugaa (dogiikurugaa) wrote in bad_service,

Wendy's suck

So, bit of background. Been having a really shitty day. Found out I was lied to by an asst manager on a power trip about getting a job that I really needed and had a fight with my brother just an hour before I went to Wendy's. On to the suck.

Pulled up to the drive-thru, ordered, and proceeded to have to correct them twice because they were ringing me up wrong. Normal for some drive-thrus. Then I get up to the first window and thats where the "fun" began.

Me as myself
DTLoD - Drive-Thru Lady of Doom

DTLoD - *opens window and holds out hand* $5.10
Me - *holds out $10.10* Here you go, $10.10. *smile, smile*
DTLoD - *closes window and ignores me*
Me - *waves for attention*
DTLoD - *wave sme on then finally opens the window with an annoyed look*
Me - I haven't gotten my change.
DTLoD - *evil look* You gave me a 5!
Me - I gave you a 10.

I admit I snapped at her, but I didn't yell. Just raised my voice.

DTLoD - You don't have to yell!
Me - I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you.
DTLoD - *go away asshole look*
Me - I did give you a 10 however.
DTLoD - *pulls out a 5 and thrusts it at me* It's not a big deal. *snappy, bitch tone*

Not the worst suck in the world, but the whole time she was giving this look that just pissed me off. And the tone she took with me was unforgivable. I want to at least report this to her manager, but don't know if the fact that I did snap at her would hurt my credibility.
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