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Bad service at the cell phone store

So my wife dropped her cell phone in the tub the other day, and we needed to get a new one because it died.

I go to the Verizon store and explain. "My wife dropped her phone in the tub, and it got wet. So I need to buy a new one."

Robert The Verizon Guy says that we can't replace it because the warranty doesn't cover water damage.

"I understand that. But I still need to buy a new phone."

"Well, sir, she's eligible for a new phone in July. You can get one for free then."

"I know, but we can't wait until July. We need a new phone NOW. I'd like to buy this same model, if I may."

"Sorry, but like I said, we cannot replace the phone under warranty. Water damage voids it."

The dude wasn't getting it, so I asked for a manager. Why can't we buy a new phone if we accidentally ruin the old one?????

The manager was HAPPY to sell me a new phone, and he therefore got the commission. Too bad that "Robert" didn't. Thanks to the awesome manager, my wife has a phone again. (She'll be more careful with this one.) I am glad that he, at least, understands the importance of good customer service. I never did learn why Robert didn't want to sell us a new phone, but it doesn't matter now.
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