Kym (kymmybabe) wrote in bad_service,

Waitress experience at Dave and busters

1. When she came to take our orders she leaned against the empty half of the booth where my friend was sitting - not too sucky but an unwelcomed invasion of privacy - and she said "okay let's get this done with",referring to taking our orders.

2. Friend asked for milkshake no whip cream. She brings it, plops it on the table without saying a word and then walks off before we could tell her there was whip cream on it.

3. She did happen to remember that mistake, so she came back about fifteen seconds later and apologized. Then she picked up the shake and put it on the table across from us which was apparently for a little boy, the parents were not impresseed either.

4. Friend orders burger no cheese. Comes with cheese. Friend says she will scrape it off cuz we have been waiting 50 minutes for food and she was starving. Friend asks for a discount, waitress nods and ends up taking half the cost off the burger.

5. We look at our check and notice two charges for soda when we ordered water. She has the rest of the food order circled and says that the circled part is the bill and to ignore the soda charge and the grand total.

I know the kitchen could have made the food wrong, but if she had paid attention to make sure we were getting what we ordered that would be nice. When the burgers are served open faced its not hard to see the cheese on top. And ya don't take a glass off one table and put it on another, at least not in plain view of both tables. And ya don't tell us to get our order over with. Blah.
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