Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

Dear Manager of McDonald's in Kannapolis,

One of the reasons that you get paid the "big bucks" is to run the floor. You get paid to make sure people are properly delegated to the tasks that need to be done.

What you don't get paid to do is stand by the expediting spot and talk to your friend while chaos reigns around you. Nor is your job just keeping track of Drive Thru. The whole front end in your responsibility.

You should have noticed that there were 15 people standing in line and no one was waiting on them. You should have noticed that apparently, it takes 4 people to make iced tea. Unfortunately, I was unable to figure out WHY it took 4 people to do a task that generally takes one. But I shouldn't have sat and wondered anyway. You were supposed to notice that there was not a single person on a register in the middle of a lunch rush.

Also, when someone finally realized that there were a bunch of people standing there waiting for service (took maybe a little over 5 minutes, which is a long time in fast food land) and tried to take care of everyone, the appropriate thing was not to send the front end expediter on break. Especially doing so and not telling the 1 register woman. Especially doing so and not even bothering to take over that worker's role.

I waited for another full 5 minutes for food. Not because it was busy or they needed to make stuff. But because the poor woman working the counter had no idea that there was no expediter handing out the orders she rung up.

The poor woman ended up having to scramble around trying to fill all the orders she had just taken while you stood and gossiped with a bunch of people standing in drive thru. And then running outside for a smoke break and to say hi to someone. What the hell?

The register woman ended up apologizing excessively to every person up there. That wasn't her job and it wasn't her fault. Hell, it wasn't even the fault of the workers that seemed unable to prepare tea. It's your fault for not paying attention to what was going on around you.

No Love,


The positive of this is that while I may send a complaint to corporate for this store while complimenting the woman that was trying to handle the cluster fuck going on around her, I've decided to send a raving positive for the other McDonald's I occasionally go to because no matter how busy they are, they always manage to move like a well oiled machine.

I've worked McDonald's. I know how hard is it too look that together during a lunch rush at McD's.
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