polarbee (polarbee) wrote in bad_service,

Say what now?

I'm in the process of installing a property wide wireless system. I had to stop by the local Radio Shack to pick up a ten foot mast for the broadcast antenna. There were two clerks working: one man currently occupied and one 40-something woman. I told the woman what I needed.

"Do you know how tall ten feet is?"
It's...ten feet? 20 inches less than twice my height?

So she went and looked to make sure they had it and then informed me that I would have to wait until the other clerk was done to get it from the back for me. Sure, whatever.
At this point my husband came in carrying our 2-month old son as he had been getting restless in the car.
After determining that we were together, she asks him if he knows how big ten feet is. He blinks a couple of times and says, "About 3.2 meters." He told me he thought it was some sort of trick question.

She then says, "Well I know you know how tall it is, I just wasn't sure..." here she trails off while waving her hand at me.

The mast is finally retrieved and I have picked out a few other items I will need and the guy is ringing me up. By this point I am holding our son and busy with my wallet so I fail to see him looking at my husband (15 feet away from us) when he says, "That'll be $52.48, is that okay?"
My husband shrugs and says, "Don't ask me, she's the engineer."

The female clerk than says, "Well, I can see she engineered a cute little baby!"

Really, how do you respond to that? Please join us in the 21st century, ma'am. XD
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