Lessa Benden (elledeegee) wrote in bad_service,
Lessa Benden

Big brother comes to the net?

So I am a member of the site Fotolia. I sell alot of my vector art there... or I should say I make a few cents here and there with the meager payouts they have. I've been a member for over 2 yrs.

So Wednesday I decide to go cash out my 15 bucks worth of earnings only to find out they changed their policy without telling anyone. They already have my SS but now they want to ask for a scan of a govt issued id or passport. CAN YOU FREAKIN BELIEVE THAT? Plus they fact they don't advertise this fact and only recently changed it I discovered when I looked it up online on other forums.

If it was less than 5 dollars... I wouldn't care but it's 15 bucks! I could go to the movies for that or put gas in my van. It's fairly significant!

I went ahead and uploaded a muchly altered version of my id so they only see what they need to know and once I have my meager earnings, I'm quitting. I don't think it's fair they change the rules w/o asking or telling anyone.

I think they will lose potential customers from this.

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