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Neglected Washrooms = Bad Service!!

I remembered writing an old posting in co_workers_suck where my former manager at the A&W NEVER bothered to call the plumber to fix one of the busted toilets. No matter how many times customers and other co-workers complained, he still didn't do it. It was not until I finally stood up to him and angrily muttered the two words, "bad service."

That kinda got me thinking about businesses that NEVER bothered to fix their washrooms. Have you ever came across that?

I did. This one time I went into a restaurant in Richmond, a suburb just outside of Vancouver, Canada. After I finished my meal, I had to use the washroom. After I opened the door, it was NASTY!! The floors weren't clean, smells like shit, the faucets were leaking, and the toilet is >_< never been fixed (and it looked like days.) Angry, I complained to the manager about the washroom. However, he shrugged it off and said he'll "get to it."

Well, he didn't. A few days later, my dad took me to that same place and once again, I had to use the washroom. Guess what, it still wasn't fixed and the place was still left as is. (Really, I'm not kidding.) No one even BOTHERED to put up an "out of order" sign on it. Again, I complained about the washroom.

Sure the food was good, but the commodities are neglected and nasty! I'm not sure if the manager had followed up on my complaint.
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