Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

A post below reminded me of this. When I first got glasses, and when I went from reading glasses to bifocals, my mom was convinced I was faking. But I never thought the actual optometrist would say that.

In the fall of 2005, I went to the optometrist to get new glasses, as my old reading glasses were making my eyes hurt, but I had trouble reading without them. The optometrist told me that I saw just fine and that he thought I was exaggerating. I left with no new glasses, unhappy but figuring that maybe if I got used to not wearing them, it wouldn't bother me. The remark about me exaggerating still upset me, though.

About six months later, I started getting headaches. A year or so later, they were so bad I was missing class, so I went back. I requested a different doctor, and was examined by a technician/assistant/whatever. She was extremely nice and competent, and it turned out I was seeing double! Gee, how about that. So the doctor comes in (same guy as before) and goes "yeah... well, you can see 20/20, it just puts your eyes under a lot of strain and they turn inward, so you get headaches. It's because you're young, etc". I think whatever, everyone makes mistakes, at least I get my glasses now.

The doctor's office messed up with the price of the glasses and it was going to be exorbitantly expensive, so I went to the vision center at Walmart, because it's a smaller town and I didn't have many options. I was really happy because I found a pair of frames I liked even better that were cheaper. All together, they were going to be $100. Still expensive, but much better. Now, my prescription is pretty weak, but it's different for each eye, so I can't just use an OTC pair. The manager of the vision center made fun of me, saying "this is a really low prescription, are you sure you need glasses?" I was stunned. I mean, I'd only just met the guy, how was he to know whether I needed them? I know it's a weak prescription, but I get debilitating headaches without them! I let him know that I went cross-eyed and got headaches without the glasses, but I shouldn't have had to do that. I mean, that's just as bad as when I got made fun of in elementary school for wearing glasses. WTF.
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