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Arcata Ca, Valley West Subway

If you live in Arcata California and have ever gone to the Subway next to Ray's in the Valley West area, beware the girl with the long, strait brown hair. She's completely careless when she makes the sandwiches, skimps on the meat, and smothered my "light, light mayo and mustard" with sooo much mustard that it physically hurt the roof of my mouth to eat it. (You know how mustard can sometimes burn? There was THAT MUCH on it!)

I've -never- ever ever thrown away a subway sandwich before... but I just couldn't eat that.

From now on, if she's there I'm going to specify that I want my sandwich DRY and put the mustard and mayo on at home. I'll just live with the skimpy meats.

Ps. The post below reminded me about this. It happened yesterday.
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