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Update to bad eBay seller

If anyone wants this removed, just let me know.

The Bad Service-ness just continues, including the seller calling me a 'liar' again, and now an 'idiot.' @_@ Wtf? I reported the emails to eBay as harassment. I'm past the Paypal deadline, which is okay, as I wasn't interested in sending back the item. All I want is for the seller to get in trouble. He deserves it, I do not want him doing this to more people. People do not deserve to get treated like sh*t just because they're telling the truth, or trying to get what they PAID for.

Honestly, do people who lie like this really get ahead in life? If so, can someone please teach me how to lie and screw people over this way? I'd love to be able to be making $10,000 per month for having screwed over thousands of people, and better yet, with no consequences! :D

Here's the Item Not As Described case so far: (copy and pasted from eBay, so it's in opposite order of how it happened.)

watershellrainwaterMar-17-08 at 12:08:50 PDT
No, this is a complaint saying that it is Significantly Not As Described. It is not my fault that 
eBay chooses to write "item not received" before that. I filed appropriately. I am claiming, as it
happened, that you sent a refurbished item, which you claimed as NEW in the auction. I do not believe
I have submitted a 'Not Received' report in my *ENTIRE LIFE*. I have been with eBay for over 5

It is very obvious that you are/have refused to work with me to resolve this.
saltomerMar-17-08 at 12:04:12 PDT
well..let's see..first..there is this complaint that states that you did not get the item....hmmmm
watershellrainwaterMar-17-08 at 12:00:14 PDT
I have not lied one single time, either in contacting you or in keeping communications open with Trust
and Safety. The messages are all in My eBay, and they are the only method of contact I've had, besides
requesting a tracking number, which you sent via email.

However, you have repeatedly called me an
idiot and a liar, both of which are undeserved, as I have been nothing but professional. I have
reported these communications to eBay as harassment, as such they are.
saltomerMar-17-08 at 11:47:55 PDT
no..never admitted to that..and you have been a liar
watershellrainwaterMar-17-08 at 11:21:26 PDT
So the seller is admitting that I never sent anything back, and that his feedback in response to me 
is completely false and undeserved.

The messages in My eBay prove that when offered only full
refund or partial (not replacement) I opted for partial (because he claims working items are subject
to a fee, and I knew I wouldn't get the full amount back). He's also been incredibly nasty to me,
calling me 'liar', when I have not once lied to him nor been nasty to him.
saltomerMar-17-08 at 11:09:48 PDT
no..every time someone makes a claim  like this, they are trying to get something for nothing or 
return their used unit and claim it is what I sent...
watershellrainwaterMar-17-08 at 10:43:23 PDT
Item Significantly Not As Described: New! Wacom Intuos3 4x5 Graphics Tablet for Mac and PC (#250208724785) 
Payment Method: PayPal
Payment Date: Jan-29-2008
Additional Details: The item I received was a REFURBISHED unit. saltomer has done this to several different people, I am
not the only one. Not only that, but every time he does it, he lies in the feedback. He would not
offer to replace it with a new unit, and would not offer to show me proof he had new units.

claims that I "returned" the unit back to him. I did not. I still have the unit that he sent me, and
my messages in My eBay prove it. I do not want this to happen to other buyers.

I emailed Trust & Safety previously, who told me, "In most cases, we believe that any of these can be agreed upon by communicating directly to you trading partner." and "However, if direct communication with the seller does not resolve the issue, we encourage you to open an Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described dispute. You can open a dispute at least 10 days -- but no more than 60 days -- after the date listing ended." and "We've reviewed your report about the seller and we assure you that appropriate action will be taken based on the results." Anything in double quotes was copied directly, so typos are not from me. :P

So far, absolutely nothing has happened to the seller, from what I can see. He's still selling and scamming people. He just screwed some poor person over on a non-brand USB graphics tablet that didn't work. ): A NON BRAND USB TABLET. @_@ My mind is boggling. The poor guy just wanted a replacement, and the seller is claiming with him, the same he claimed with me (except that the seller didn't even let the poor guy send it back or get a refund).

I replied to T&S saying, "Hello Janice" (who was the person who communicated with me initially), "I do not think it would be wise to contact the seller, since he has done this to multiple people and refuses to communicate politely with them." I wrote back later, saying that I had contacted him and received a nasty response. I got a letter back from T&S saying, "Hello, Janice!" But, my name isn't Janice. ): I signed it properly at the bottom, and they STILL called me Janice. ):

Here's the response I got from the seller before I emailed T&S and before I sent the ISNAD report:

" lied and the feedback was completely warranted..the nasty taste is in my mouth for a person who not only KNOWS that what they got was sealed and that I in no way could have tampered with anything, but recieved a payment of good faith from me because I DID try to treat my customer right. You, on the other hand, continue to try and scam me. I am not going to send you a $150 item for"

I told the seller, 'Fine, I'll be reporting you to eBay for Item Significantly Not As Described.' and he replied with, 'Go for it... LIAR.'  This was where I told him, 'Any communications after this will be reported to eBay as harassment,' which he responded to with, "whatever you say cannot claim harrassment if you are the one initiating the contact and keep sending me emails...idiot" Yea, I reported that one, too. I'm not the one going around calling people names, "buddy."

God, this whole thing just makes me so mad! eBay has never supported me or even helped me ONCE in any situation I've ended up in on their website. Right now I'm claiming total Bad Service on the part of eBay AND the seller.

My mother is not a powerseller, but I can guarantee she spends more money on eBay than this guy does, and has over her entire lifetime. She is an honest seller who is constantly screwed over by eBay, her buyers, and other sellers. She's been with eBay since the very beginning. I remember when eBay opened and she was looking into it. I think she even bought stock for a little while. And as soon as an eBay equivalent comes up, she'll be leaving. ): All because eBay refuses to actually care about it's customers. C'mon, even makes sure that when you buy something new, you get what you asked for.  Actually, I plan on only using Amazon or webshop sellers at this point. -_-;

Grrr..... any suggestions now? @_@ I'm hoping he'll reply to the report saying, 'You're a liar and an idiot, etc., etc.' so that eBay will see his true colors, and then I'll close it. I'm trying not to email T&S again, because I just get angier and angrier at eBay, and they'll eventually consider me to be batshit insane and ignore me. I didn't even get a response from T&S until just today, after I sent the second update.
edit: The seller just keeps saying, "You are a liar!" to me. Wtf? I've never lied to anyone, especially this guy. The feedback even only stated EXACTLY what happened in the messages he sent me. So I closed the dispute because this seller is just a nasty person. eBay won't do anything, so I'll be closing my eBay account if they don't. I'm thinking of threatening them with a court case for emotional distress, because they refuse to do anything or stop someone who is continually calling me names. What kind of person just sits there and says, 'You're a liar! You're a liar!'

Bonus Subway Bad_service:

A few days ago my husband and I went to a local Subway, because they were having a $5 per foot long special this month. I was excited, we so rarely get to go out to eat and this would be the first Subway I've had in probably 6 months!

We walked in, and I knew they had a rush about an hour earlier so I wasn't expecting a lot of bread choices, but I did expect the place to be clean or at least the counter to be wiped down. (We had driven by earlier and they were just past the rush.) There was one person finishing up getting a sandwich, and walking out the same time we walked in.

The 'sandwich artist' was nice enough, but it was very obvious to me that he hadn't been trained properly. First, the server grabbed my husband's bread, and placed it bare on the counter. The counter that very obviously hadn't been cleaned in hours, at least not since before we even drove by. There was food stuffs and mustards and mayos all over it. @_@ It was fairly gross.

But we were hungry, so we continued on! The server realized his mistake and grabbed a paper to put under the bread. He got to the toasting part of hubby's sandwich, and then asked for mine. I dillydallied until he put the paper down, and then requested my sandwich, starting to get a little OCD at this point.

He made my sandwich first, while hubby's was toasting. He'd put the veggies on, and the ones that would fall onto the dirty counter, he'd put BACK ON THE SANDWICH or BACK into the bin! Into the bin with the CLEAN veggies! @_@ It was gross, luckily almost nothing fell out of mine, hubby's was a different story. Ugh.

Then when he cut mine... this is the grossest part.. he wiped the knife off on the side of the GARBAGE container (on the counter, where they throw everything away at). WHERE THERE WAS ALREADY WIPE MARKS FROM CRUSTEST CHUNKS OF MUSTARD AND MAYONNAISE! He didn't wipe it with a towel or grab a new one; and there was tuna and mayonnaise on there from the last person. I'm allergic to albacore tuna. @_@ I could have gotten seriously ill from this. (I didn't, but I could have. :P )

@________@ I almost threw up in the Subway! When I got home, I cut off about 2" from the slice marks and threw it out! I also emailed corporate through the website, and haven't heard a single thing in response.

Disclaimer: I know this wasn't OMG horrendous service. It's just very WTF and EWWWWWWW. I never requested the kid be fired or anything, don't worry. X3

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