azleaneo (azleaneo) wrote in bad_service,

Damn you AT&T

I can't go into too much detail without disclosing my company (who is still dealing with all this mess)

Late last year we contacted AT&T about a change to one of our long distance lines. They messed it up because someone over there went off of our billing instead of off our order. Not a big deal, we went without because we could.

Recently we needed to do a change to all our long distance lines. We specifically mentioned the issue we had last year, and they assured us everything would be peachy. The day before everything was supposed to be done they call us and tell us that they messed up and used the billing for specifications instead of the ORDER again! This time it affects our operations, and we are still dealing with this. Our company has a large amount of 800 numbers that are with AT&T, and our billing doesn't reflect the techy specifics. However the order did, and the representatives we have should have made this go smoothly, especially since this had happened before and we warned them about the difference between the billing and the order.

I guess the only thing we can be thankful for is that they called us to let us know the day before the scheduled switch, as opposed to the first time this happened we didn't find out until we tried to use the line and then called them when it didn't work correctly.

My network admin tells me that AT&T used to be really good until SBC bought them out. I guess I am just baffled that the order was ignored (lost, folded into a paper airplane, used as tissue.)

Before anyone jumps on, billing is very basic information that is set up for $COMPANY. If $COMPANY doesn't have anything specific added, this information is fine. If $COMPANY has technical specifics like ours (due to our ubercool phone system) those specifics are found in the ORDER we place when we make changes. These specifics must reside somewhere in AT&T land, however AT&T must not know where they keep that either.

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