Emma Chissett (nalesse) wrote in bad_service,
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ARG. I hate eBay.

I sold some stuff on eBay a few months ago (actually, more like in April). In late July, I get a notice that my bank declined it's attempts to collect money for my outstanding balance of $2.26.

First of all, I've always paid for my outstanding balances with paypal, I just overlooked this one. I added a checking account for verification, because the credit card on there is expired.

Second, I've had the same checking account always. eBay gave me the last four digits of my "checking account" on file, and they are nothing even close to what my checking account numbers are. eBay has to verify checking account information, so how could something like that slip by? They aren't even the numbers on my debit card either.

All the e-mails they give me are uncooperative "you have to pay this" tone. How can I get them to help me take it off, as I don't feel it's quite right.
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