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JCPenney Portrait Studios

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My son is now 3 1/2 months old. I have never been a picture person but with a new baby I wanted pictures for all of the milestones (newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, a year etc.). So I called to make an appointment. The first JCPenney's studio I called I never managed to reach a person. I got an answering machine that said we will call you back to arrange an appointment. I left two messages on two separate days and never heard back. So I called a second JCPenney's Studio (I heard great things about them, so that is why I kept trying). I left a message on their machine and got a return call the next day. So now we have an appointment.

On the day of the appointment, we arrive with a happy baby. We go to get the pictures taken and the baby is all smiles, but no photos are taken. The baby then gets fussy. We have some photos taken, and then the baby is all screams. The photographer says lets do diaper shots, so we strip the baby down to his diaper and he cries. The photographer says he is unhappy we are done. My husband and I are surprised that she is unwilling to try to get some shots once we calm the baby down, but as this is our first time we are accepting of the pronouncement.

We look at the photos on the screen (only 7 were taken). They are OK and select two poses to purchase. We order the poses and are told to come back in two weeks. Two weeks later we return to discover on one of the poses they cropped my sons head. He is missing a third of his forehead in the photos. I mention this and am told well that is how we crop the picture. They should have shown you a mock 5 x 7 before you ordered. I say well we were not shown one or I would not have ordered the photo. (I would have ordered only 1 pose, spent a lot less money because of a coupon and received more photos). Well that is the photo, we can try and recrop it but we don't think that will work is what I am told. I say I do not want the photo, and I do not want to drive all the way back here to pick up more photos (the place is an hour away). Fine. I then ask for my money back and to speak to a manager. They disappear and get approval to return my money, and then return the money. The manager eventually comes out ans basically says we returned your money in a snotty tone, and does not offer to do anything for us. I am upset because by ordering the second pose I was unable to use a coupon that would have given us more photos for cheaper. All I really wanted to know is could they redo the photos and send them to us. However, the manager blew me off and I left.

I will admit when I left I was customer sucky, because I looked at the manager and said "great customer service" in a very sarcastic tone. I left the store in tears because I could never redo my sons 3 month photos.

My husband and I made an appointment somewhere else (Portrait Innovations) for the next day. They took 80 shots in between times my son was crying. We bought 4 different poses and spent 4 times the money we originally spent at Penney's. I will not be returning to Penney's. I filled out an on-line survey explaining my problems, and will wait to see if I hear anything.
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