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I just want to make a payment!

So I go into Sears today to make a Discover card payment for my mom. I have the cash and the tear off part of her statement that has her account number on it. Not only did I used to work at this Sears store but I've taken numerous payments there for her after I stopped working there so I know they have no problem processing payments this way.

Anyway, I go in and go to the men's counter where I see an employee standing and counting tags or something, I approach her and ask if I can make a payment. She looks around "Ohhh...let me see..." she starts looking around for another cashier, I tell her I can go look for another register because I figure she's just a stock person at that point but she leads me over to the Jewelry counter and says "Here you go, she can take your payment."

So I wait at the jewelry counter with my payment, there is one cashier and she is already helping another customer. I look around and see that the only other register in sight has a massive line so I just decide to wait because it doesn't seem that going somewhere else will be any faster. She takes care of the other woman and there is a man behind her. She turns to me and says "Ma'am, I have jewelry customers, you'll have to take your payment to check-out" Here's where the bad_service starts, imo. I understand you have customers, however, you also have a working register that can take my payment. It would be one thing if she said "I'll be with you as soon as I'm finished helping him" but for her to specifically say she can't take my payment is what I didn't really agree with. Even so, I sigh and start to walk away but as I'm going around the counter I notice that the guy was just asking her a question and he's already walking away. I turn back and ask "Now can you take my payment?" She says, with a little bit of attitude "Yes ma'am now that I don't have any customers."

I give her the payment and this is the rest of the exchange:

Cashier: "Did you not get your statement in the mail? We included a letter that said that you need to bring your card."

Me: "Well, the account number is on the statement I gave you."

Cashier: "Yes, but it's a pain for us to enter the whole number in."

Me: "I've brought payments in here before the same way and they never had a problem with it."

Cashier: still not letting it go "Well, it's just really a pain"

Me: "I'm sure you can handle it."

I know that last part was sucky of me but WTF, it's just a payment! Taking payments are just as much a part of her job as helping customers. It's just like any other transaction and working at the jewelry counter doesn't mean you don't take payments, it's why you have that function on your register. I totally understand her helping customers that were there before me but refusing to take the payment in the first place (instead of just telling me to wait and letting me know I could go to another check out if I wanted to, for example) and then giving me shit about not having the card? C'mon! It's a 16 digit account number, it takes all of 30 seconds to enter it in. It's cool if you ask me to try to bring my card next time or something but to act as though it's this huge ordeal to enter in an account number is uncalled for. It's really not that big of a deal. She finally did process the payment for me but I wish she hadn't given me such a hard time about it. As I said I've worked at that location before and if I'd gotten caught treating a customer like that I know I'd be in trouble.
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