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A first in a long time for me

Usually on the weekends, me and my husband order delivery. Of course most people do in the United States and last night he was just too tired to go out and pick anything up.

Our delivery usually consists of two forms of food, Pizza and Chinese Food.

Only three places deliver pizza to us and one place does Chinese.

Hubby wasn't in the mood for Chinese food so by process of elimination, it became pizza.

Neither of us were hungry so we decided on something sorta small.

Two of the places that deliver pizza have lost us ordering from them. One would deliver the food half done, the other would deliver it way past time and cold, and always the wrong order.

So..begins the nightmare of the pizza joint.

Also, hubby got new cell phone, which meant phone number was changing.

Me.. who didn't want to order pizza in the first place but hadta
MH.. my sweet husband, when he wants to be
ML..Pizza lady worker
MM..Pizza man worker

Me..dials number and waits... While listening to prerecorded ads on phone for Pizza place

ML..HELLO ( in a snappy voice)

Me.. I need to place an order for delivery and our number needs to be changed in the computer.

ML.. Im too busy to change numbers.. *click* I kid you not, she hung up on me.

Me..looks over to hubby


Me..she hung up on me

MH..Your kidding?

Me..Nope.. *I then hand him the phone to see it was hung up*

MH..Call em back.

Me..dials number goes through the entire thing again just to talk to a human.

MM.. Thank you for calling ** How can I help you?

Me.. I need to place an order for delivery but the phone number has changed.

MM..What's the number?


MM..we don't have that in our computer. What's your address?

Me..rattles off the address.

MM..Oh, you guys order from us all the time. Instead of going through the headache to change everything, I'll just make a new record of the address and phone number.

Me..*sighs inwardly while listening to him typing on the computer*

MM..Alright, new number..




MM..The new number

Me..That is the new number.

MM..And that's in Lakeland

Me..Yes, it's a cell phone.

MM..We don't do cell phones, we quit that a year ago due to people calling and not taking the orders.

Me..*utterly confused* Our old number was a cell phone and we just ordered last weekend with no trouble.

MM..Oh well your the lucky ones. What do you want?

Me.. (can hear the ML in the background laughing and going on) I need two steak and cheese oven baked subs. Can we get three cheese crust?

MM..That's two steak and cheese subs. Anything else?

MH..Extra sub sauce honey.

Me..Can we also get extra sub sauce? And also no mushrooms on the sub?

MM..*snappish* You ordered steak and cheese, those don't come with mushrooms. The sub come with two, how many more you want?

Me..Two more. One in each box.

Mm..That's two steak and cheese subs with extra sauce. Comes to XX.XX. You can pick it up in fifteen to twenty minutes.

Me..It was for delivery.

MM..Fine! It will be there in thirty to forty five minutes. *click*

There was no asking if we needed anything past the sub sauce. They didn't ask if we wanted drinks or more with our order. Only the one time of Anything else.

So forty five minutes rolls around, the delivery guy delivers while saying, two steak and cheese subs. That's XX.XX.

Naturally we tip him five dollars because he is quick to get our food out. He snatched the money, and I could tell he was in a bad mood.

I checked the side of the box where they place the white slip things with the order. It plainly says Steak and Cheese.

When we open the subs to put the sauce on, low and behold they are steak, cheese and mushroom. While the box said steak and cheese, they did it regularly with the mushrooms. It was marked clearly they were special ordered.

We didn't even bother calling them back. The last time we had issues with the place, our orders kept getting messed up until we didn't call about an order. The orders have been fine for months except for last night. Truthfully with the headache they gave me over the order, hubby just picked off the mushrooms and ate his that way. I bet we won't be calling there again for a while, at least they were fully cooked. Maybe it was just an overlook of the cook but it is how the two calls went that I didn't call back.


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