Jackalope (jenny_talia) wrote in bad_service,

Before I get into the bad_service, a little explanation: I wear glasses. They're thick black frames, slightly cat's eyed, with 6 rhinestones at the edges and 3 along each arm. And yes, they are prescription.

I went to the library today. I was having a little trouble finding a certain author, so I went to the reference desk to ask for help. The woman there started out really polite and helpful. We went back to the right section, she was helping me hunt around, and while we were looking, she started a conversation. This part in script format:

Librarian: Your glasses are so cute!
Me: Thanks! =D
L: Where did you get them?
M: Lenscrafters, about four or five years ago.
L: You mean they're real?
M: *sigh* Yeah, they are. (I've had this discussion enough that it's a bit annoying.)
L: Are you sure?
M: *WTH?* ...Uh, if you mean are they prescription, then yes, I'm sure they're real.
L: I HAVE to see this!

And now for the suck: as she was saying this last part, she reached up and snatched my glasses off my face. She took. My glasses. Off my face. And she did it in that super fast, cobra strike sort of snatch, too. My instinctive reaction to someone's hand darting toward my eyes was to lean back and bring my hand up, either to grab her hand or swat it away. But she was pretty quick, and she had them off before I could touch her. She then started to lift them to her own face.

Cue me flipping the hell out. When stuff like this happens, my reaction will either be to freeze up for a few moments, which usually give me time to cool down or at least formulate a coherent response, or to go apeshit. Today, I went apeshit. I grabbed her wrist and took my glasses back, all the while yelling loud enough that I know I was heard throughout the entire section. "What the hell do you think you're doing? On what planet is it ok to snatch something from total strangers?! These are my glasses. I need them to see! And you have no right to touch people you don't know, ever! What is wrong with you?!" And I snatched my book out of her hand and stormed off toward the main desk. Yeah, maybe it was pretty customer_suck of me, but I was honestly shocked. I've never had anything like that happen to me. I've had to take my glasses off for people to look through before they'll believe they're not just an accessory, but I've never had someone take them from off my face.

So anyway, while I was being checked out, I told the guy who was doing the scanning about what she'd done. I was shook up and kind of snarling at him, so I took this huge deep breath, apologized and slowed it down, and he was very apologetic about it, and promised to pass the information on to a supervisor, since I just wanted to get the hell out. But the best part? There was this other lady behind the desk, working, whose glasses were bright, neon teal. And the whole time I was talking to the check out guy, she was giving me this really sympathetic look. Maybe Reference Lady snatched her glasses too?

Honestly, who does that kind of thing? Why would anyone think it's ok to just take something from someone they don't know, when they have not been invited to do so? She was mid-forties or so, so you'd assume she was old enough to know better. But apparently not.
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