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Car shopping fun!

This is kind of a combination between customers_suck and Bad service...but more bad service.

So I’ve been car shopping for a few weeks now. I found this kinda....hole-in-the-wall car dealership in a town nearby. They had this blue Saturn, 2002, low miles, and for about $8,000. That would have been a pretty good deal...if it wasn't for...
When my mom first went to the dealership and saw it, she wanted to test drive it. She put the key in the wouldn't turn. The tumbler was broken.. It took them about a day to get it fixed. In the meantime, I test drove 2 other cars that rode like they were from 1965, instead of 2001 and 2002. When they finally got the tumbler fixed, I took the blue Saturn home for the night. It was perfect....almost perfect. I opened the trunk to check it and tried to close it...and it bounced right back up! It took a good 8 slams to get it to finally shut. I told them this when I dropped it off this morning. They said they fixed it. Now it takes good 3 slams to get it shut.
But anyway this isn't really my major complaint. I was still gonna buy the car. But not for no $8,000 when the blue book says it barely worth $7,300.
Now the customers_suck part of this comes from my mom and her fiancé. When we were shopping for the car, my mom kept telling the poor sales guy (who was just trying to help) how much she hated car shopping. She just kept bitching and moaning and just being an all-around craptastic customer. When we were in negotiations....I wished I was the parent. I so badly wanted to be like 'Sit up straight!' 'don't be so rude!'. The kinda stuff my mom said to me when I acted like a 8 year old. Lol. We were waiting for the owner, and the sales guy was just trying to make polite conversation and my moms fiancé actually ROLLED HIS EYES at one point. They were rude!
We made them an offer, for no more then $7,500 and the owner came out to talk to us. This guy is saying he can't lower the price any because of all the work he put into it.(like the tumbler and the trunk). This is when my moms fiancé just kinda lays into him. He says something along the lines of....since so much has gone wrong with us just trying to test out the car, who knows what will go wrong if we buy it. So then...the car guy closes the folder says "Then don't buy the car" and walks away. I was just kind of What just happened??? Then the guys comes back and says as snooty as possible 'You know, I've catered to you peoples every whim and blah blah' Catered to out every whim???? Like fixing the tumbler so we can test drive it??? Or fixing the defective trunk so we can CLOSE it??? That’s all we have asked for! Now, the adults were being...a tad difficult...but seriously...what kind of business owner throws a tantrum like that? The poor sales guy has been dealing with us for like three days and was always polite! The owner deals with us for 5 minutes and snaps. And the whole 'every whim' thing was just irritating.
Anyway, the whole incident was quite embarrassing for me with the rude parents, and snippy owner. But anyway....I'm still looking for a car. :)
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