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I was browsing through some of these entries and recalled a couple Bad-services that I thought were worth mentioning.

This happened around Christmas time and as such I realise that you must give a little as everyone's nerves are on edge - however that dosen't mean that if you're paid to help someone in the electronics department were all games and systems are locked up you can give them the evil treatment. 
My oldest nephew called my father, his grandfather, and told him he wanted a certain type of game...cannot recall wich exactly since I don't play but he wanted it. Ok, well, let's go check it out. So my dad and I along with my younger sister all troop down to the "Super Walmart" and head to the gaming area. Now the minute I saw the lady that was there to help us I knew it was going to be a bad deal...this lady and I - well I despise her and she thinks she's just the neatest thing ever. My dad goes up and asks about this new game that just came out. She looks at him with this dazed look like she's expecting more from him. 
"Well what do you want it for?"
Thinking she meant for what purpose he told her it was a gift for his grandson. She kinda rolled her eyes and said back , "NO, what SYSTEM do you want it in?!
I just shook my head and looked away, it was totally rude and I couldn't believe she just didn't care how she was coming off. My sister on the other hand is not so quiet and tells her the system in (a somewhat rude way) back but her hackles were up now and comeon my dad is almost 70, he dosen't know how these things go, don't be rude lady!!
Anyhow she takes us back and stands there with arms crossed as we have to search for it, dad asks if he can see it and she again rolls her eyes and unlocks the case to take it out. When dad notices the price he jokes that it's too much for his grandson. I mean if you get one kid an $80 gift you have to do that for all of them, fair's fair. So he hands it back and told her it was just to much and she rolls her eyes for yet again the 3rd time( this woman is a mother of 3, and the eldest is 23 the youngest 16. kinda immature I think) and puts it back, then walks away...ok I guess we're done here then, nope didn't want to look at - possibly buy- anything else, Thanks !!!
We ended up just getting him some DVDs he really wanted but you can bet it wasn't from that store. I ended up going back a couple days later because the more I thought about it the more it just didn't feel right, I am defensive of my father, I don't like people being rude to him, it's a habit, sorry. I talked to the manager and the next time I talked to her daughter she said her mom had been relocated to recieving, don't know if that's why but I felt happy knowing she wasn't in the Electronics depo anymore, course I didn't tell her daughter that we had had a run in and I had talked to the manager about it...I <3 her daughters they are great kids despite their mother's evilness...this isn't  the first time I have had a run in with the "lady"

Second BS is shorter but still mean:

Same store-SW- 
I was doing some Easter shopping for my kids and nephew and decided to roam the art supplies for a birthday present for my little nephew. Now this area is right next to fabrics, this is important. I was browsing for a good while just taking my time when I hear this annoying ding-ding-ding (you know the little bell on desks to summon service) it went on for at least 30 dings before it stopped. Then a couple seconds later the same thing, for the same amount of sounded like a kid was messing around with it or something. I decided to wander over to see if that was the case because I would feel bad if it was a kid and was interupting someone when they didn't need to. Nope it was this middle aged woman with a bunch of tacky fabric in her cart. She was whinning to her friend about how she need this today for her kids project-blah blah blah. She did it the third time before this older woman came over to help her. She started complaining that she needed this cut NOW because she had been waiting for "HALF AND HOUR AND MY DAUGHTER NEEDS THIS TONIGHT!!" Lady I call your bull, I was near your area for more then half an hour and the only time I heard that bell was in the last like 2 minutes. If you needed it so bad then why wait the alleged 28min. to ring the bell? If I heard it ring the first two times don't you think I would have any other? Honestly grow the F up! I weep for your kids your rude and the lady didn't bat an eyelash at it, lucky you I would have been pissed. And yeah I did circle the area like 5 times while you got your horrible fuzzy fabric, your still evil. If you don't like it at SW then go the the craft store, please.
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