lasthani (lasthani) wrote in bad_service,

I wish every place had feedback forms with your reciept.

I generally take the nature of a restaurant into consideration before I set my hopes to high or complain about anything, but  I would think that a locally owned steak house with folded cloth napkins and ambient lighting would be someplace I could eat for the experience of eating out, not just a meal.

So when I take my visiting sister out to an early dinner at said steakhouse, and politely ask for a few specifics, I expect them to be filled.

When I said I'd like extra creme with my coffee, I really meant it about that cream. The normal little bowl with all of seven 1/3 Tbs. worth of liquid in them is about what I need for a single cup and I know you're not going to replace the bowl when I get refills. When I did need a refill, I pretended it was no big deal and just asked again "could I get some more creme please?"

The creme never came. Nor did you come back again once our food was served to check on my coffee. That's okay: I didn't drink it. I like my coffee pretty much"white" or "Boston" and can't drink it with all of a tablespoon of dairy in it.  Also, my sisters salad with "dressing on the side" was smothered in caesar. Caesar is a strong flavor. She wanted it light but didn't trust you after the creme thing, so she asked for it on the side. Thanks a bunch.

It's not that big of a deal but it was annoying for me. I'm a good cook... I could have made steak and mashed potatos at home, but I wanted to treat my sister to a little bit of luxury. My getting to drink water with my steak and my sister not getting her leafy greens was not luxurious. It was bad service.

Your competitor on the plaza had the cook come out and torch our creme brule at our table just for fun - simply because we asked them too. They're about the same type of restaurant as you what with the folded napkins and dimmed lights, just pasta based instead of steak. I think we'll go there again next time.
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