PG (xpapergirl) wrote in bad_service,

How to ruin a birthday...

Took my husband, neighbor, and neighbors wife out to a place near our house for neighbors birthday. 

Granted, said place is more a "bar" than "restaurant" BUT...there was no excuse for the CRAP we endured for the sake of shitty steak. 

1.  The salads were boring, I dont mind that.  BUT when you drop one on the floor, then act surprised that I still want're off to a bad start.  THEN the salad you bring to replace had no cheese or croutons, or veggies.  Lettuce in a bowl.  Bah.

2.  Screw up ALL the orders to where all 4 of us get ribeyes...even though NONE of us ordered rib eyes. 

3.  Screw up the prep so those who wanted medium well get medium rare, and the ones who wanted rare get well done (burnt) thus forcing us to rearrange the plates after you sauntered off.    And even so, no one got what they wanted anyway.

4.  Tip MY plate over, dumping my fries on the FLOOR, then using your bare hand to shove the ones that survived  BACK ON THE PLATE.    AND doing this behind my head so I cant see, but the other 3 at my table see.  REAL slick there, bigshot. 

Why didnt we leave?  Well, we were ALL starving, and the beer was ice cold,  the music was decent, and hell, he's my best friend.  It makes for good horror stories for next year. 
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