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yuck. i seriously hate comcast soooo much. when i wanted to get my triple play service set up, they said they would be there friday between 330 and 530. no problem. me and my husband and the dog were home. i didn't leave the house at all that day actually. anyway, at 6pm i called comcast asking why the cable guy never showed up. they told me that he tagged our door and said that no one was home. i was like o0ok what is he talking about? and while on the phone with the person, walked around my entire house outside, looked at all the doors and windows to see where he left his note, but never found it. so the girl tells me that the following day between 1030 and 1230 someone would be out to set the stuff up. wait the next day. called at 12p (half hour before the end time but i had stuff to do that day) and asked if they knew when teh guy would be coming. "umm, sorry maam, no work order has been placed for that today. the girl you talked to yesterday was new and didn't do it right." in my head: "WTF". she then told me that they would not be able to get anyone out for another 12 days. i was like, ok what the hell? twice this happened already and i still don't have service, do you really think i have nothing better to do with my time than sit around and wait for comcast? come on now. haha. well, she said she would set me up for 12 days later and blah blah we're sorry etc etc. fine. whatever. so, i leave the house, it was my husbands grandmothers birthday, and we were having a party for her. an hour into it and i get a call from comcast cable man, he's in my driveway wondering why no one is home. ???????srs??????? i said "uhhh prolly cuz no one told me you were coming". apparently, the girl i talked to talked to her supervisor and had someone sent out that day. awesome! but don't you think you should have called me back to let me know? so, i go home, which was about ten minutes away, and the guy was all pissy cuz HE had to wait for ME. it made me happy inside.

so, over the following year or so that we had comcast, the phone worked hardly ever, OnDemand was constantly out of service, and the internet went down about three times. so, we decide to get rid of the phone and cable. keep the internet. come home one day, no internet, just phone and cable. wtf. called comcast and explained this and they said oh well the person who took your request was new and did it wrong. o0o0ok. well fix it!

in the end, we moved and didn't even transfer it. but it sucks cuz i live in southcentral pa and my neighbor is the cornfields, so verizon doesn't come out here with highspeed internets, and now we use a dialup modem with AOL 9.0. haha. it sucks, but its sure better than comcast!!

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