fishy (meestar_pickals) wrote in bad_service,

sucky management at an event but with a less sucky ending

Almost two weeks ago, I went to this event to see DJ Trei (listed third) at a well known nightlub in my city. Where I live, on Sundays and public holidays, liquor licensing laws state that alcohol isn't allowed to be served after a certain time - I think it's around 1.30 or 2am. This event happened to be on a Sunday that was also a public holiday, haha.

Everything was fine until 3.30am when Trei's set was due to start. He got thirty seconds into his first track and then - nothing. The club management cut the power on his set, and everyone in the club was told to leave. There was no explanation, no apology, no mentions of refunds - they just cut the power on an international DJ and everyone had to leave.

It turns out that the management had decided that, what with the liquor licensing laws, they wouldn't be making money from alcohol but would still be having to pay their staff, so when the event promoter left to take the headlining act back to their hotel, the nightclub management decided to shut down the rest of the event. I know myself and my friends as well as many other people had paid $50 for a ticket to see an act that we couldn't, and there was no statement from the venue and no chance of a refund.

So I sent an email to the venue:

Although it has been almost two weeks since the Virus - Infected Mushroom, Outrage, and Trei event, I would like to voice my feelings on the matter of the cancellation of DJ Trei's set. I know a lot of people, myself included, paid $50 for a ticket to see only his set,
and were treated shockingly by being kicked out without any chance for an even partial refund. Not only were the punters treated badly but it was disrespectful to the promoters as well as to the DJ himself.
It also seems quite rude to everyone who missed out on seeing an act they'd wanted to see by not issuing some form of apology, although I can understand why full refunds cannot be given. But considering a lot of people paid $50 for a ticket to see a DJ they were not given the chance to, it all seems like a complete lack of respect for your customers.
I really hope DJ Marky & MC Stamina do not have the same problems, especially considering the ANZAC Day holiday it is on.

I didn't really know what to say that didn't come off as too rude, so it was a little stilted haha. I expected nothing more than an apology in return, but instead:

Give me a call on [his number] my name is rod.

I will organise 2 free passes for the marky show for you. We understand it was a crazy situation that night.

Apologies from management

Regards Rod

Music director

So! Even though it was still a sucky experience and I would rather have seen DJ Trei, it was good to get some form of compensation from it! Especially seeing as I didn't expect it :D

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