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Are All Hospital's going downhill???

This has been the worst service I have ever recieved at any hospital.

I am sorry ahead of time for misspelled words.. I am currently very loopy from my meds.

Last week we had to make a trip to GA because my MIL passed away suddenly. Everything was fine up until Thursday night really late. I was restless and couldn't sleep.

Friday morning when I woke up, the entire right side of my face was swelled and sorta droopy. We thought it was a sinus infection and treated it as such.

Nothing helped.

Saturday, I woke up and my face was numb for about ten minutes. I couldn't open my jaw, face was still swelled. We left GA at 4 pm and started back to Florida.

I didn't go to the hospital in GA because our insurance wouldn't cover it. I wasn't having any issues breathing just pain.

We get back into Lakeland around 10:30 pm and drove straight to the ER. Hence the bad service started.

They had remodeled the hospital. The woman at the desk asked if which of us needed to be seen, my husband said me. She told us to sit down and wait.

A young teen came in after us and again the woman told her to sit until called. A nurse who was her friend came up and started talking to the girl and her mom. She asked the girl what was wrong when she looked fine earlier in the day and the girl told her she was feverish and couldn't keep anything down. When the woman at the desk finished with the baby in front of us, instead of asking who was next, she told the girl to sit down. Which of course jumped her ahead of me in line. My husband was very angry because this wasn't the actual triage, just getting the information. When the woman at the desk said she wasn't next that I was, the mother got all smart with her and told her that the nurse thought her daughter is more important, leaving the woman with no choice but to check her in. However, I was taken back first which made the mother mad.

We get into the triage area and my husband explained what was going on. ( I of course couldn't talk due to the pain in my jaw) The nurse placed a blood pressure cuff on me that was too small, which put me in more pain. I sorta whined at my husband who noticed my arm was turning blue. He pointed it out and the nurse said that it was fine that it would go down. When she took it off, my arm had red streaks on it. We were told to wait.

They take me back to the rooms because of my husband saying that my face had went numb. Then the nurses there couldn't decide where to put me. Either in IC or CC. They had to make at least four phone calls tracking down nurses to ask where to put me. Finally a nurse asked me to squeeze her fingers and then relayed the information. The nurse on the other end of the radio snapped to put me in IC.

They get me into a room and a nurse. Half the time she was talking so fast that we had to have her repeat her questions. She then talked down to us like we were stupid and stated I hadn't had a stroke because you felt no pain with a stroke. We never said that we thought I had one, only that my face had numbed and I was in pain.

After telling us for about 15 minutes that I hadn't had a stroke, she then roughly shoved a tounge depressor in my mouth. Right over the side in which my pain was. She shoved the ear peice so far in my ear that it hurt and then almost busted my nose when she looked in it. She then stated yet again, I hadn't had a stroke and then looked at my chart.

The nurse in the triage area had written that I had a tubal back in 2000. When she asked when my last period was, my husband told her that it was in October. I had stopped my birth control then which was being used to regulate my periods.

This nurse then tried to force us to get a pregnancy test. I was there for jaw pain, not pregnancy. Over and over she forced the test until my husband got upset and told her we hadn't had intercourse since October. She huffed and spun and said a doctor would be in with me shortly.

The doctor came in and again we had to listen to the "you didn't have a stroke" speech. Where they had gotten this from, I have no idea but they continued on the same thing. My husband, bless his heart could tell I was getting upset and in more pain. He stated the same thing he told the nurse and then the doctor approached me, saying something about Bell's Palsy. ( I believe that's what he said.)

He was more rougher than the nurse. The final straw for me was when he jammed the depressor into my mouth, more rougher than the nurse and actually jerked my cheek out. I had to grip the bed to keep from punching him. There was no being gentle from this doctor and then he snapped that I had an absess. Then he went into this tirade about how bad my teeth were and my bad oral hygeine. Maybe the thought of the swelling and redness could have been from the absess didn't cross his mind. He then grabbed my face, right over where it was swollen and in pain and gripped really hard.

He gave us the number to an oral surgeon who works with the hospital. My husband asked him if there was anything he could do until we could call ( which was today, I got released yesterday at 12:00 am). The doctor then talked down to my husband like he was an idiot about the only thing he could do was give me antibiotics and pain meds. Then he ordered..not suggested but ordered us to get in contact with this surgeon. My husband said he would and then asked again about the meds.

The doctor got all huffy and said he would order them and stomped out of the room.

Needless to say by the time I left, I was glad to get out of there. I had never been treated that rough by a doctor or disrespected that much by a nurse. We had refused the test so she should have left it at that. But she kept pushing the issue for 15 minutes.

I am now on Penecillan and Percacets ( again excuse the typos) I can't get into the oral surgeon until Friday but I am glad I am not allergic to either of these meds. They didn't even ask if I was allergic to anything. Just gave us the perscription and walked out. Needless to say, if I need an ER again, I will request Tampa. It's bad when you are treated like idiots over pain that you have no control over and how they kept on and on about something that you didn't even mention. If I can't get to Tampa, I will sure call ahead to make sure that doctor isn't on call.

Edited out the Oriental comment on the nurse. I wasn't aware that putting someones ethincity would be seen as me saying that was the reason for the bad service. That wasn't the reason for the bad service, the bad service was how I was treated. My appologies.
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