devotiggermeeko (devotiggermeeko) wrote in bad_service,

Yes I'm sure that's my name

A  bit of background: I'm a student, so I don't have supplemental health coverage through my job, but through my husbands.  I'm listed on his policy and can call and request information just like him.
Well I needed to go for physio and wanted to know how much coverage we had.  So I call the 1-800 number and explain to the lady on the other end that the policy is under my husband's name, and gave her the group number (he works for a small company - like 5 employees).  

WOTP (Woman on the phone)
Me: (Guess.... lol)

WOTP: Can I have your last name please?
Me: Auger  (it's prounounced like a combination of o'shay and o-jay) 
WOTP: I'm sorry we don't have anyone with that name listed.
Me: It should be there - his first name is ******
WOTP: No I'm sorry it's not there.
Me: It's spelled A-U-G-E-R 
WOTP: Do you mean **** Auger? (she said it like aw-grrr)
Me: Yes, but it's prounounced (insert proper pronounciation)
WOTP: I'm sorry, but we don't have anyone with (Proper pronunciation) just Aww-grr.
Me: Yes a lot of people do make that mistake, however it is pronounced (insert proper pronounciation)   ***At this point I should have given up and went with aww-grrr
WOTP: I'm sorry ma'am but you keep mispronouncing it and it's confusing me.
Me: Sorry (!), can you tell me what the limit is for physio?
WOTP: No, all I can do is tell you your limit.  (????)
Me: Ok, that would be great.

At that point I had only been married for like a month, so I wasn't used to spelling my last name for people, however I couldn't believe she kept arguing with me over how to say *my* last name!
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