Phineas Q. Butterfat (audacian) wrote in bad_service,
Phineas Q. Butterfat

Happy ending my ass!

Well it looks like my battle with DirecTV hasn't ended yet!

Today (Saturday), the techs are scheduled to come between 1:00pm-4:00pm to install the HD dish and the DVR box. They get here and state that they cannot install the new equipment because the work order is incorrect. They need to be authorized by corporate. My fiance calls Corporate who tell them that the work order is what we wanted and that they must do what the order says. They refuse to do it. Scott calls the contractor and they refuse to authorize the work until they hear from DirecTV directly. Scott calls direcTV and they try to call Halsted but Halsted doesn't pick up. Scott continues calling back and forth and eventually gets on the phone with Terry Halsted himself, who is still refusing to authorize the work and doesn't believe anything DirecTV says. By 4:00pm, the techs curse out my fiance and drive off. We notice, however, that they have pulled over about a quarter mile down the road (two techs came in separate DirecTV vans) and are just sitting there. I took a picture just for posterity.

I just sent an email to The Advocate at the TU. Scott's hitting his third hour on the phone. w00t.

ETA: The Tech Supervisor is personally coming down from his home in North Creek and stopping in Ballston Spa because APPARENTLY THE PEOPLE WHO CAME DID NOT HAVE THE EQUIPMENT ON THEIR TRUCKS WHAT. He's going to supervise the techs (who are apparently coming back, yay) while they install the dish and if they don't do it will do it personally. The president of the company (Halsted) is fuming pissed.

Can you believe this?
Tags: follow-up, satellite
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