Wilf (lots42) wrote in bad_service,

Meds And Other Bad Service

1) Do these people not understand what medicine actually means?

When I ask a waiter for water right away so I can take medicine, I mean right away. Not with the other drinks, not ten minutes from now, not even five minutes from now.

I've learned my lesson; asking for water in a resturaunt is tricky and unreliable. Sigh.

2) I was told by a governmental employee to get needed paperwork from an office at a certain intersection. Every single possible way this employee could be wrong, she was. Location, address, city...the closest she came to actually being right was that the place has records...from six months ago (and on). And she knew the records were less then six months old.

I know, kind of confusing (maybe) but the astonishing levels of her being wrong just boggled the mind.

3) Potentially fatal bad service: The local police department (non-emergency) is incapable of figuring out where a certain middle school was based solely on the full name of the school. Not only is it next to the Public Works office, it is an official hurricane evacuation center (not to mention being full of hundreds of kids most of the year). -I- had to tell them the address, using Google Maps. So apparently the police department doesn't even have access to Google.

4) "We'll come get you when the computers come back up." Never happened.
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