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Okay I can see how this can happen but comeon

I live in Korea, I order about 90 percent of my clothes, household items etc online and from catalogs. February 4th(remember 13 hours ahead of the US) I am watching the Super Bowl where my NY Giants beat the NE Patriots WOOT. I don't think the ball landed in Burress' hands before I was on placing an order. Not only did I want the Super Bowl items but an order than I had placed in December and sent to my inlaws house was returned(a suck in itself but on my inlaws not so I was placing three orders all together. I place said orders and because I am overseas they cannot be shipped direct to me. Not a big, my bro lives in Philly I will send him, my order like I have done in the past. Got order confirmation emails and I wait and I wait and I wait. I literrally placed these orders February 3rd(US time) it is now March. I email bro to ask him if he had recieved anything. He says no and since he has been home after hernia surgery he would be able to get all orders. I go to and look at my order status, CANCELLED. No note, no email,no reason given.  Nothing to indicate how this could happen. The only thing I can think of is at the time I ordered I also changed my mailing address for my credit card from my former address in Japan to my current one in Korea and maybe this flagged the order. Cool, but if that was the case why couldn't the company email me and ask for a confirmation call or email? It's not like I haven't done it with other companies but no email, no nothing to indicate a problem leaves me angry. I also went to the website and damn sure enough some of the items are no longer being sold. That also makes me mad. 

If there is a problem with an order at least email the person. I have no problem calling a company internationally at 12 midnight to get my items. It is not the first and I am sure not the last time I will do so, but to just cancel an order and no email or anything is not cool. 

I now have to wait till Tuesday evening to try and replace my order for any of the items I can't find on ebay. If it is this frustrating ordering overseas in the age of email I have great respect for folks who lived overseas and could only order via catalog.
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