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This happened a while ago but it totally freaked me out at the time.

I went to Steak N Ale. I'm a big girl (tall and athletic), and I'm in my 30's. I was wearing business casual clothing. (Just to give you the idea of who they were seeing.) I came in by myself. I ordered an appetizer, a salad, a large entree, and a dessert. (I was treating myself.) With these I ordered 3 glasses of wine. By the time my dessert arrived I was empty and ordered an other glass of wine.

I was nice to the waitress. I had zero problems. I was quiet and just enjoyed my meal. For some reason the wine didn't come. I waited, smiling pleasantly. I was in no hurry. There was a family of 3 right next to me whom the waitress served several times while I waited. The mother looked over at me and commented. "They must still be squeezing the grapes." I smiled and gave her a chuckle. Yes, it'd taken a while, but it was no biggie. I was enjoying a leisurely meal. More time passed. The manager arrived at my table. I assumed it was one of those survey things they do sometimes or just to make sure I was happy. She sat down at the table with me, and with a very demeaning look on her face and tone in her voice, she annouced, loud enough for 3 other parties to hear:

"We won't serve you any more wine."

I blinked, honestly stunned. I'd never had that happen before. Keep in mind, I'm a large older person, who just had a 4 course meal - which traditionally gets served with 4 drinks.

"I think you've had enough to drink."

I'm still shocked as hell, but I keep my voice down, and meek.

"I... I don't think that's really your choice to make for me."

"I'm afraid it is. What if you got in an accident on the way home? We won't sell you more than 3 drinks."

I just sat, stunned. The mother leaned over and spoke to the manager. (Everyone in the room was staring at me at this point.)

"Wait a minute! So are you saying nobody can have more than three drinks here??? I _WAS_ planning to have more than that myself."

"It's my call to make."

"She's been sitting here, politely. She's been quiet and doesn't seem the least bit drunk to me. Explain how you made that call!"

"I don't have to."

"So what about me and my husband? Would you tell us how much we can or cannot drink? You should have a sign if you have a drink maximum! How do you know if she even DROVE here or not???"

At this point the mother and the manager argued. I got up from my seat. I didn't feel like being stared at by the entire room any more. I was mortified and wanted to get out of there. I walked out of the room. The manager runs up from behind and GRABS me, twirling me around.


"If I have to, but make it quick. I've never been so emberrassed in my whole life." (again, I'm staying quiet)

The manager, still holding my arm drags me back to the room, where they all stare at me while the bill is printed. I shove my credit card at them, just wanting to get the hell out of there. The whole room has stopped eating and is staring at me the "apparent" drunkard.

The mother gets up from her table, and starts chewing out the manager for how she's treating me again, the manager starts ordering her to sit down in that tone that sounds a hair from "about to throw her out". I feel like this lady is escelating things and _I_ might suffer further for it. So I tell the mother.

"Look, I'm fine. I just won't come here ever again."

The mother pleads with me about how unjustly I'm being treated. I just keep repeating that I just won't return to this place ever again. She sits down and talks loudly to her husband about how horrible they were to treat me so baddly.

By this time the shock wore off and I settled into being angry. I got the CC paper, and put "NO TIP" in large letters and signed it. Looking back, that might have been wrong as it could have been just the manager who was the ass. In the end it didn't matter anyhow.

I left, saying only that I would not return, and not making any more of a deal out of it. I was so emberrassed - I didn't want any more attention, I just wanted to go home. My "treat" to myself was totally ruined.

Once I got home, I looked at the bill, and saw "If you were not 100% satisfied... toll free number." I called. The first reply I got was "We won't refund if they refused you service, only if you were not happy with the experience." I told him I was not happy with the experience, thus I deserved a refund. I told him how emberrassed I was and started to cry a little - but I never yelled. (I was so insulted, mortified and upset.) They refunded me.

I've not been back since.

Now, was I the ass or were they asses?
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