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Other World Computing (aka macsales.com)

So I placed an order from Other World Computing (macsales.com) on Feb 10th for 2GB of memory for my laptop. I live in a bad area where things frequently disappear so I selected their 'shipping special' of UPS 2nd Day Air... I sent them an email on the 11th asking for a tracking number, so I could see where the package was.

On the 12th I received an email with a USPS tracking number. I promptly replied to the email asking why the package was shipped with USPS when I had chosen UPS 2nd day air. At that point, I was just a bit miffed that they chose to ship with a cheaper service. I requested a refund of the difference in shipping costs. I received another email that simply stated again that the package was being shipped thru USPS and gave me the tracking number again... I tried to call their customer service number no less than ten times and each time I chose an option from their automated system, my call was disconnected. I emailed them again asking why my package was not shipped as I had paid for and never received a response.

I checked the tracking number religiously... It showed that it was delivered on Feb 15th at 12:06pm. No one was home at that time, and when we DID get home on the 15th, there was no package to be found... I attempted to call OWC again, but got disconnected each time. Finally at the end of the day on the 15th, I opened up a dispute with paypal.

The following is the log of messages from the paypal dispute center:

From Buyer: Erin Hogan on 2/15/2008 22:39 PST
When I placed my order I payed 7.95 for UPS 2nd Day Air Service (a seller offered shipping special). I emailed the seller requesting a tracking number for my package and was given a USPS tracking number. I responded to them that my package was supposed to ship UPS as stated above, and I have not received any response since the email was sent on 2/13. I checked the tracking number I was given upon getting home from work tonight and it says the package was delivered. It was not! There are no packages at my residence.

From Seller: Other World Computing on 2/18/2008 14:40 PST
The following tracking information is from USPS for Sales Invoice 1624165:Label/Receipt Number: 9101 8289 9705 6516 0265 13Status: DeliveredYour item was delivered at 12:06 PM on February 15, 2008 in PATERSON, NJ 07522.

From Buyer: Erin Hogan on 2/18/2008 19:08 PST
You can tell me it was delivered all you like but I never got the package. I live in a bad area and specifically paid for UPS Second Day air so that it would have to be signed for upon delivery. If someone stole it, it is your fault for not sending it how I requested (AND PAID FOR) Either refund me my money, or send a new item UPS 2nd day air as I originally paid for. If this is not done by the end of the day tomorrow (Tues 2/19/08) I will escalate this dispute to a claim with PayPal.

I received no further response from OWC and escalated it to a claim on 2/20.

The thing that REALLY kills me is the email I got from paypal:

Dear Erin Hogan,

PayPal has concluded our investigation into your claim.

Transaction Date: Feb 11, 2008
Transaction Amount: -$52.49 USD
Your Transaction ID: 02H87481G35662821
Seller's Transaction ID: 9TV27825HR6735001
Case Number: PP-421-727-535
Seller's Name: Other World Computing
Seller's Email: paypal@macsales.com

In response to your claim, the seller has provided proof of shipment
indicating that the item was shipped to you. Because the seller was able to
provide proof of shipment, we cannot reverse this transaction or issue a
refund. We encourage you to continue to work directly with the seller to
amicably resolve this matter.

So, despite the fact that OWC used the wrong shipping method completely, I am TOTALLY out of luck and even worse, out $52... Oh, and I STILL can't get through to OWC on the phone to 'work directly with the seller' like paypal suggested...

Any suggestions!?!?!

EDIT: There were fund available in paypal that went towards this purchase so I can't do anything else in terms of issuing a charge back...
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