HaYwiRe (psychomatt) wrote in bad_service,

Cable Company

Here's another one from several years ago.

When we lived in an apartment in Coralville (part of the Iowa City area,) we had digital cable. MediaCom decided to rearrange the channel lineups so that Iowa City, Coralville, and a few other very close towns had the same lineup (they had all been different.) After the realignment, our digital box still showed the old lineup in the on-screen info (current channel & show, etc.) When we tried calling, we could never get through. Their phone system was too overloaded to even put us on hold - we got a busy signal. We later found out that in the month after the reset, they got over 2 YEARS worth of customer service complaint calls. So we drove to their office across town. They sent a reset signal. When we got home, the box then worked fine, until the next time we turned it on. We went down to the office the next day, to set up an appointment for a tech to come look at it. Just before the tech was supposed to come, they called us & sent another reset, and that again fixed it - temporarily. This happened three times. We were both working overnights, which is the only reason we had so much time keep dealing with them. Finally, we told them that we wanted a tech to our apartment, regardless of a reset signal beforehand. We set the appointment up for a couple of days later, between 8 & 10 am. My wife waited until about 12:45 before going to the office again (the phones were still overloaded.) The girl at the counter looked it up, and said that our appointment never got entered into the system, then giggled. Not a single hint of apology, regret, or remorse. We were there the next morning, returning the digital box.
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