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Dentist in NEPA

I moved last March to a new city, and got a new job. I work a very busy schedule, 8:30-5p.m., and have next to no time to take off for doctor or dentist appointments. So when I went looking for a new dentist, I took the advice of my mother and searched for one with after 5:30 hours or weekend hours. I was so pleased to death when I found a very, very close dentist that had Saturday hours! Great! I scheduled an appointment for a check-up.

Since I am a new patient and I had honestly no idea who my last dentist was (it was that long ago... I had no insurance between then and now so I just went without), so I got new x-rays taken. Turns out I have three cavities. So I made an appointment to get two of them filled on January 26th at 8:00a.m. (Can only do one side of my mouth at a time.)

January 24th, 4:00 p.m., at work: I fall down a flight of stairs at work due to a coworkers_suck and paint buckets and end up on the landing in the middle of the stairs in complete agony. My foot hurts like nothing I have ever felt before. It starts swelling immediately, but I can still bend it and stuff even though the pain is so bad, I almost throw up from it.

But I spend the rest of the work day with it propped up. It hurts, but not anything too bad after an hour of resting it. I figure its a bit of a sprain. I even drive myself home, and don't worry too much.

January 25th, morning. I wake up in such pain I was crying. My foot is a -sausage-. My toes can't even bend they are so swollen. I call my work and tell my boss what happened. He gives me to HR who says I need to go get x-rays because this is considered a worker's comp. claim. Long story short, I end up in a care-clinic and get x-rays. Great! A tendon is torn in my foot. Nothing broken, though. I end up on crutches, an air-soft cast, and a lot of pain killers and anti-nauesia meds. I go home and curl up to try and sleep.

January 26th., morning. Due to the pain-killers and just unability to sleep, I wake up at 9a.m. I look at my foot, which is now hurting from lack of pain-killers, at the crutches I actually fell on the night previous because I fail at using them, and sigh. I call my dentist and get an answering machine. I apologize several times, and explain that I ended up in the hospital the previous day, and in my worry/pain, I had not called them. I ask them to call me back to reschedule.

January 31st. - Odd, still no call from my dentist. I call them back and explain what had happened with my foot, and everything. I ask to reschedule. The woman says "What about Tuesday at such-and-such a during-the-day time?" I apologize again and say that I can't, I specifically picked this dentist because I needed after 5:30 or weekend hours. The lady tells me to hold on. She puts the phone down (but not on hold, so I got to listen to someone complaining about their dentist bill) for over 10 minutes! She returns.

"I'm sorry, the dentist says that because you did not cancel your appointment more then two days in advance, that we can no longer take you during saturday hours."

...WTF? "...Excuse me, miss, but my accident happened after you were closed less then two days ago. I ended up in the clinic getting x-rays yesterday."

"...Yes... well..." The lady paused at this point. She had this completely exasperated tone with me, as if I was an idiot. "Yea... no. It's the dentist's rules..."

"I understand that, ma'am, but this was an emergency problem that happened less then two days ago. There was literally no way that I could have called you in advance enough to cancel the appointment. I apologize for not calling yesterday but--"

She cuts me off! "-- I'm sorry, miss jantra but if you cannot reschedule for a weekday appointment, I think you are better off finding a new dentist."


So... kwjfhsldjfsdljdslkfjdslksjdlk. I was not a happy camper. I immediately started to call around for a new dentist. I found one the next day, and thankfully made an appointment with them... unfortunately, it was not until today. (March 6th.) AS SOON AS I WAS OFF THE PHONE WITH THEM, I called my old dentist and asked for them to mail my x-rays to my new dentist. The woman said they would, and it would be sent tomorrow. I call back the new dentist and inform them of this arrangement. Everything seems to be ... better, now.

Fast forward over a month: I called them today to make sure the appointment was still on, and the nice older lady said that yes, it was. I off handedly asked if they had gotten my x-rays. They tell me the original (BAD) dentist office had never sent the x-rays.

I immediately get very upset. Not at the woman, but at my old office. ...Well, a bit at this office that they hadn't done anything to try and, you know, GET the x-rays after all this time. But she tells me she will call me right back and speak with the old office.

True to her word, she calls me back and explains that I can go and pick up the x-rays and bring them for my appointment! ... Except, of course, I can't. It's a work day and I live too far away to do this picking-up thing. I explain it gently to her and she understands. I tell her I am going to talk to the other office, and I will call her back. I called my old dentist and honestly, I bitched at them. They tell me I had not told them to mail it. I tell them I had, the very day I made the old appointment! The lady at the new dentist AGREES with me, as you know because she just called you, and had written on my original documents that my x-rays were supposed to come in the mail.

So I have two choices:

Either I can PAY for new x-rays to be taken tonight before the cavities were filled.

Or I can have them mailed, and wait another two weeks for my cavities to be filled.

Both suck. Luckily, I had a friend who was willing to drive over there since she here on vacation and pick them up. Gave my oral concent on the phone for the records to be picked up by her, and so she did. So it will be fine, in the end.. but GEEZ. I have such a headache from this, and I am just waiting to find out what will go wrong next!

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