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This is my first post here. *waves*

In August, my parents and I went on a little excursion to upstate, NY for my uncle's wedding. We had made reservations way way way in advance at this cute little motel with an awesome view, etc. So did my grandparents so we could stay at the same place and all that jazz. Long story short: it rained on the first night we stayed there. I woke up freezing cold and wet. Wonderful. We told the front desk about it and didn't expect to have anymore problems as long as it didn't rain anymore. But no..

The owner told us we couldn't stay in that room anymore. So now we were left with the trouble of finding somewhere else to stay for three days. this was all at 10am, so we couldn't even check in anywhere else for another few hours. We had to find another place and make new reservations all by ourselves. We stayed there 1/4 nights we were suppsed to.. the owner comped my mom 2 days and gave her a check for $25.

It just seems a little ridiculous that we had to pay for two nights, stayed one, and had to venture all around NY for three hours waiting to check in somewhere. Not to mention we were totally inconvenienced by being over 30 min. away from my grandparents [we were planning on driving them to/from the wedding cause it was dark/confusing/etc]. I'm just glad my camera/phone/nice clothes weren't ruined. I'm sure she wouldn't have cared.

*edited because I forgot to represent the familia.
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