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Phone solicitors

I'm not really sure if this falls under "bad service" or not, since it's not so much a service, as a soliciting phone call from a business, but...

Today my mom left the house and forgot to take her cell phone with her. I noticed this when I started to hear a "buzzzz buzzzz" coming from the dining room table. I left it alone since it wasn't my phone to answer, but it kept ringing and ringing something like once every fifteen minutes, so I finally answered it.

Me: Hello?
Solicitor: Hello? Hello?
Me: Yes?
Solicitor: I need to speak to [my mom's name]
Me: I'm sorry, she isn't here right now.
Solicitor: Do you know when she will be?
Me: Well, she's at work and left her phone at home by accident. She's working late tonight, so probably not until past seven. Could you do me a favour and call back then? Someone from your business has been calling her phone every fifteen minutes for the past hour or so.
Solicitor: No, we can't do that.
Me: Why not? I just told you when she will be home.
Solicitor: We are supposed to continue to call until someone answers.
Me: But I just answered.
Solicitor: You're not [name of mom]
Me: No, I'm her daughter, but she won't be home until past seven tonight. It is impossible for her to answer this phone until then. I have no way of getting the phone to her until she gets home.
Solicitor: We have to keep calling until we talk to her.
Me: Fine, then I'll be turning off the phone for the rest of the day.
Solicitor: [click]

Seriously, what was that? Why wouldn't they just accept that she wasn't home and to call back after seven when she was? And we still don't know what they wanted, either. They didn't call back after seven. Usually I can google the number and get what business it's attached to, but not this one.

And this is why cell phones need "call block" the way old land lines did.
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