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USPS, I hate your cashier.

A very specific cashier who drives me absolutely INSANE.

I hate to post to Bad_Service twice in one week, but this rather deserves it. @_@

This may seem minor, but the fact that it happens every single time I have to use her as a cashier/postal monkey DRIVES ME NUTS.

There is this one cashier at my Post Office who obviously has no clue how to do her job. Every time I send something with her, she questions me about it and tells me, 'But that's expensive!' about the service I chose to ship it with. This isn't the helpful, "I just want to let you know how much this costs" sort of way. It's the "I don't want to!" whiney sort of way.

Today what happened, was I was shipping something Registered Airmail (to France). It needed to be sent registered, because I was paid to have it sent registered. When I gave her the package, I said, "Hi! I need to ship this registered air/first class to France, please."

She ignored me and rang it up as First Class only. I highly, highly doubt that she didn't hear me say 'registered.' She seemed upset at ME when I corrected her.

Me: "I need it registered too, please."

Cashier: "Registered?! But that's expensive!"

Me: *politely, but firm* "It doesn't matter. I asked for it registered, I need it registered."

Cashier: *guffahs* "Eh, er, w-well, it needs brown paper tape on the back!"

Me: "I don't have brown paper tape. Every time I've sent something registered, the cashier puts the tape on for me."

Cashier: "Well, I don't have brown paper tape here, I have to go to the back, and I can't do that."

At this point, she's just making up excuses as to why she shouldn't have to ship it registered. I've NEVER had this problem with anyone else working there - the cashier has always either had brown paper tape at the front or had grabbed some and put it on for me. I even offered to put it on myself, as she was saying that she could get in trouble for putting the tape on. The post offices around here don't even sell brown paper tape.

And honestly, I don't know where to buy it around here, or I'd get some. Even the Walmart doesn't have it.

Really, though? How lazy can you be to not want to walk 5 feet to grab one strip of brown tape, stick it on the envelope, and then print on a little piece of paper? (She did eventually get the tape and stick it on.) Apparently, however, one of their printers was broken, because she had to go into the next room over (20 feet at most) in order to grab the Registered Mail sticker that was printed. I assume this was, ultimately, the reason she didn't want me to ship it registered. (I also had to fill out the registered sheet - which doesn't bother me, but everyone else that works there does it automatically, even if I say that I can fill it out. :P )

Everything was pretty normal after that, except for her asking if I wanted to declare a value, which was already on the customs form I had filled out, but it was really frustrating just the same! This isn't the first problem I've had with her.

Short list of problems:

- She bent my stepdad's father's day card trying to fit it into a (obviously too small) Priority Mail envelope, rather than putting it into a larger one *or* just putting a Priority sticker on the card envelope. Then she denied bending it, and I started crying as I left. ):
- EVERY TIME I ship something, she says, 'But x service is cheaper and will get it there at the same time!'
- Or says, 'I can't do delivery confirmation and insurance.' (I know that "technically" insurance is tracked, but it never has worked for me, so I always get both.)
- She doesn't even know how to ship something Express Mail or Priority International. -_-
- She doesn't read my customs forms and always asks me things that are ON the forms. I have very clear handwriting. It isn't her confirming, it's her asking me to repeat the entirety of the form.
- If a package says 'This side up' she will purposefully turn it opposite of that.

I'm always really nice with her, and I always walk up really happy and bubbly with my, 'Hi! ^_^' no matter who is at the register, so I really don't think it's a matter of my body language, unless she just plain doesn't like me.

This has been going on for over a year. My husband and I are seriously considering travelling 7 miles to the next post office instead of risking having this woman touch our mail again. I'm hoping soon we will be able to afford to get a mailing scale, so we can print postage online, but until then we still have to go to the PO.

Thanks for letting me vent. n_n;

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