Phineas Q. Butterfat (audacian) wrote in bad_service,
Phineas Q. Butterfat

DirecTV contractors, with a happy ending

Update to this post.

The crappy contractor set up another appointment for today, after 4pm, to install the HD dish and the DVR box. My fiance, Scott, gets home around 330, and notices he has a voicemail from the company. They left a message at 2pm and asked where he was. He calls them and said they had scheduled installation for after 4pm for the HD and DVR. They THEN said he had no appointment that day, he didn't order the DVR and HD stuff and it wasn't in the work order. He calls DirecTV who confirms the 4pm installation for DVR and HD. Um, right.

He then has a three way conversation with DirecTV and the Contractor and they fight it out. Scott calls them out on the companies lies and shenanigans. DirecTV tells the contractors to stop lying to us about the installation. They get the contractor off the line and DirecTV says they are certain that the contractor did steal the DVR box. They then credit us our first bill in its entirety, give us free HD and our extra channel package for a full year and take $10 off the monthly bill for a full year. They then tell us that when the contractors come to install the dish a team of specialists at DirecTV will call us and have us supervise the installation, and speak to the tech if the tech gives us any grief about being unable to install the services we need.

Success! For now. :p
Tags: follow-up, resolution, satellite

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