Egyptologist-in-waiting (jsherlock) wrote in bad_service,

What I eat is none of your business!

So, the other day someone brought REALLY yummy jellybeans to work, and I had a few before everyone else gobbled them up. I noticed which kind they were, and today I went to buy a pack.

I brought to the register:

1. A pack of really yummy jellybeans
2. Pringles, as they were on sale and I haven't had any for AGES.
3. Soda, since I haven't had 7Up for a long time, either.

Remember that, please.

My mum rags on me that I don't dress up nice enough. I'm a t-shirt and jeans, no makeup, forget about styling my hair kind of gal. Today, I DID dress up, since I felt like it, and to show her up. I was wearing a dress and heels, makeup and a light open jacket.

The older man at the register said when I put down my things: "that's a real healthy lunch you got there."

I was so dumbstruck I didn't say anything. Who the hell was he to tell me what constituted a good lunch?! I also have a sneaking suspicion, that, had I been dressed as I normally do, I would have gone without social commentary.

I must have given him a nasty look because he started babbling about how I'd gotten some coupon for some beauty products since I'd used my club card enough to start racking up stuff, and he hated it when he got those, because he was a man, and therefore didn't do beauty products. I just grabbed my stuff and lit out of there. What a jerk.
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