Erin (tender_star) wrote in bad_service,

Is this normal?

The setting is a saturday night at a TGI Friday's.  It was about 7:30pm, busy but not horribley so.

I was with my boyfriend, and another couple who we know very well (the guy used to be a roommate of ours).  We didn't order an appitizer, but knew what we wanted pretty quickly. 

For drinks, three of us (myself included) got diet pepsi, and my boyfriend got tea.  We were thirsty yes, and it was hot outside (as always lately).  On my second glass I noticed my straw was bent when it hadn't been before (that I'd remembered).  The waitress took the three diet pepsi glasses at the same time for refills (we were nice that way :p ).  The third (and final) time I did NOT have the bent straw again, the other girl did.

So, is that standard?  I've not noticed it anywhere else, most places just bring new glasses.  I was pretty irritated, because how do they know one of us isn't really sick or something?
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