Alix (ravenessence) wrote in bad_service,

Very bad Greyhound service.

This was told to me by my mother. She and my sister were taking a bus to come and visit me.

The bus is stopped in either Baltimore or DC (I cant remember which) and the busdriver (BD1) tells the passengers that if they are continuing on toward the city where I live, to stay on this bus. My mother and sister decide against getting off to stretch or get something to eat because my mother's foot had been causing her a large amount of pain and walking was slow for her, and they didnt want to miss it.

A few minutes later, another driver (BD2) comes on and tells them they have to get off, that another bus was taking them. My mother told him that BD1 said to stay on, and he said no, that they had to get off. So being confused, they collect their luggage and go over to the desk to find out for sure which bus they are supposed to be on.

BD2 was standing by the desk also. He heard my mother try to clarify, and I think she also mentioned that he had told her that it was a different bus. he began getting very annoyed at my mother for trying to clarify, and began saying things like "I TOLD you..." Which made my mother be annoyed right back, as you can imagine.

And then BD2 tried to hit my mother, and had to be held back by another employee and eventually made to go in the back.

Of course, my mother is LIVID. She demands the corp. phone number and the name of that driver. The woman at the counter says she doesnt know, and my mother tells her to go find out. So she does, and appears a few minutes later.

Woman: He won't tell me his name, he has his hand over his name badge.
Mom: Well then whats your name?
Woman: I'm not allowed to tell you my name.

I think eventually my mother did get the woman's name at least. Im not sure what happened in regards to the bus situation, or what happened when my mother tried to call.

I dont care how rude a customer is being (and my mom wasnt trying to be rude, she was trying to make sure she was on the right bus!) there is NO justification on trying to hit a customer.
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