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honestdragonchina on eBay

I hope the moderators will not mind me posting this, although the events took place over a year ago now, and it still really gets me mad. Especially as it's far too late to do anything about it.

I bought a custom made coat for my girlfriend from eBay user honestdragonchina. A friend had bought several cosplay and Lolita-type dresses through this user and had apparently had no problems with their service. So my girlfriend and I went on the site, I bought the coat she liked using “buy it now” and provided the correct measurements. I paid via paypal, about £70 for the coat and then an extremely high shipping fee to have the item shipped from China to the UK. I think shipping was about £60, only a few pounds less than the coat itself. However, it was a Christmas present, and so I paid.

The woman who wrote me my conformation email made a point of saying my girlfriend had an almost perfect hour-glass figure, which made my girlfriend very happy as she’s into 1950’s vintage glamour. While this isn’t exactly a problem, you will see how it fits in later. I should also mention here that communicating with the people who worked for/as honestdragonchina seemed to have some difficulty understanding my complaints via email, and I their responses, as I don't speak any Chinese dialect, and their English was diffecult to comprehend fully. I don't think that helped any in our correspondences.

When the white coat arrived, it was covered in blue tailors chalk. I emailed honestdragonchina about this, and they said it was a by-product of manufacturing; the marks could be removed via dry cleaning. This I well understood, but as a graduate of a fashion course myself, I would never sell anyone a garment that wasn’t ready-to-wear, or still had tailors chalk or tacking thread in it. The dry-cleaning cost another £12. I was not very happy, and asked for this amount to be refunded to me, as I had spent the equivalent of US$290 on this present, far far too much for a university student to sensibly afford.

I never got any response back from them.

Months later, my girlfriend found two dresses she liked from the same seller, and by then I had forgotten the coat fiasco. Again, bought via “buy it now” paid for via paypal, and paid another £60, plus £20 for an extra item, for shipping. The shipping took several weeks, but China is a long way away, I don’t mind (although for that much, I would have expected slightly faster…). One dress, when it arrived, was dusty and full of bright orange tacking-thread. On a light-blue dress, it was very obvious. I spent several hours picking out this thread myself. The second outfit, which was in fact two pieces, rather than one, and although the skirt of the outfit was fine, the top-half was over 10-inches smaller than the measurements I had given them.

I emailed them about this, and waited several days for a reply. When I received one, they asked if I had given the right measurements, and that was it. I explained that they had done, and the first dress they had provided had been the correct size. I even quoted the sizes I had sent them and the conformation email detailing these sizes they had sent me back in return. This email was from the same woman who commented on my girlfriend’s figure, not more than 2 or 3 months before. While I appreciate they have a lot of customers in that time (judging from their feedback form) surely they had some sort of record of buyers details, as I was offered 25% my fourth purchase as a returning customer? I’d really like to know how a girl with a "near-perfect hour glass figure" with 36-inch hips can fit her bust into a 20-inch jacket which is meant to belong to the same dress.

Several more days past, they asked me to send a photograph of the top, with a tape-measure stretched over to “prove” it was the wrong size. I sent them several, although they complained the quality was too poor to read the tape. They suggested that I send it back to them, both top and bottom, via insured post, for £30. I declined as they said if the sizing was wrong they would replace the dress free, but I would have to pay £60 again for postage back to the UK.

I complained to eBay, but they said it was well within honestdragonchina’s rights to request I pay again for shipping back and forth. I couldn't afford that, and still can’t, so I felt it. Still, very annoyed with the service I received and it was the reason I stopped buying things over eBay.

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