Liz (acornflakegirl) wrote in bad_service,

Sorry, I didn't order a side of "Please hit on me annoyingly" with my coffee.

Hey, I'm new *waves*.

So about a week ago, I was going home from college to visit my boyfriend, who was sick and in the hospital. I missed my train by about .2 seconds and I had to kill some time while I waited for the next one, so I went 'round the corner to my local Rachel-Ray-endorsed coffee chain with the intent of ordering my usual hazelnut iced regular and sitting in the corner with a book.

I was surprised when I entered the shop and it was completely empty of other's in a fairly busy area of my city. There was one employee, a guy, talking on the phone at the register and a girl mopping behind the counter. I waited for the guy to get off the phone, and then I ordered. I knew just from the way he first looked at me that he was going to start hitting on me.

Guy: So, do you want anything else with your coffee?
Me: No, thank you.
Guy: You sure? (in an I'm-trying-to-be-charming-but-it's-not-working voice)
Me: Absolutely.
Guy: Absolutely?
Me: 100%.

The guys laughs, and then crosses his arms and leans down on the register, looking up at me with this puppy-dog/tired/seductive? face. Meanwhile I am wondering why the fuck he is not making my coffee, and then realize that the mop girl is fixing it for me. Maybe they have some kind of system...she does his job while he hits on women, who knows.

I just sort of stand there looking at anything else but the guy at the register, just wanting to get my coffee and leave. Awkward conversation continues:

Guy: You have pretty eyes.
Guy: So you're gonna come back here, right?
Me: No, I go to school across the city, I don't come over here much (total lie...I'm over by the train station at least once a week).
Guy: Oh, where do you go to school?
Me: Boston University
Guy: Are you gonna be a psychologist?
Me: *wtf* No.... *wonders if he had some pick-up line about psychology that he was planning on using on me*
Guy: So what are you going to be?
Me: (fed up at this point) I'm an English major.
The girl finally gives me my coffee and I turn to book it out of there.
Guy: You should teach me sometime!
Me: Yeah, ok, maybe (in my best "in-your-wildest-dreams", dripping with sarcasm voice).

At the time, the whole thing was rather funny to me, despite the fact that the entire time I kinda wanted to yell "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!" He wasn't that creepy...just some guy my age trying WAY too hard to be coy and flirtatious and failing in an epic manner. But then I was over by the train station again the other day, and I wanted a coffee. I thought about going back there, but I was too nervous that the guy might be there again. I realized what bad service this truly was...why do employees hit on customers? It just makes them feel uncomfortable and drives them away. I will probably never go to that particular coffee store location again out of fear that I will see that guy and he'll recognize me and make more obnoxious commentary. Ugh. Suckness.

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