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Bad_Service turned Good_Service turned Bad_Service again

I want to post this here as a warning to any artists that might browse around here (I'm also crossposting to the eBay communities; so if y'all want me to delete this, let me know).

On Jan. 29th I bought and paid for a Wacom graphics tablet from seller saltomer (link here: As you can see, the description says 'New! In Retail Box!'

What I ended up receiving from the seller was a repackaged (the sticker had very VERY obviously been peeled back and replaced), refurbished unit. Though it is a refurb, the seller had taken a scrubbing pad and scrubbed off the refurbished stamp and the serial number (though, not very well, I can still see most of it there).

I contacted the seller and he denied sending a refurbished unit, claiming that Wacom had sent it to him in this condition (?! my bullsh*t meter was on full alert at this point). I offered to take a picture of the stamp that was scrubbed at, and he said he "didn't need it." He stated I could get either a full refund or a partial refund. I opted for partial and received back $20 (shipping + $4). His auction clearly states items in working order will be subject to a restock fee, and I didn't want to have to deal with that. Plus, I got a pretty decent deal; if he hadn't lied, I would actually have been extremely happy with it.

So a couple days ago I get around to leaving feedback for everyone, and left a very honest neutral stating that he was a friendly seller, but I wouldn't buy from him again because I got a refurb, not a new item, but that I was happy with the partial refund. He, in turn, left a fat lie of a negative, saying that I returned the unit (?!) with a used one (again ?! I don't have the kind of $ to go exchanging things like this - I generally can't even afford shipping something to someone).

So, big warning against this guy, in case you're in the mind to get a Wacom tablet. ): If he hadn't gone and given me a negative and lied, I wouldn't be bringing this up.
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