a sparkling girleen, painted and lovely. (winterbymorning) wrote in bad_service,
a sparkling girleen, painted and lovely.

This morning I went to a free walk-in clinic in my neighbourhood. It had been a while since I'd been, so I wasn't sure how things worked. I walked up to the receptionist and said, "Hi!"

She said, "Are you here for the morning-after pill?"

WOW, THAT'S NOT AN UNJUSTIFIABLY JUDGMENTAL THING TO SAY TO A COMPLETE STRANGER AT ALL. I'm a college-age woman, so I must be a slut having irresponsible sex all over the place, right? EDIT Gah, I didn't realise I was implying that morning-after pill = slut. That isn't what I meant... but that is the impression that the woman gave off.

I told her I was actually there to get a prescription for birth control and she told me I would have to go somewhere else because they weren't accepting any new patients.

At a free walk-in clinic? Really?

It was so tempting to say, "Thanks, I'll come back when I need an abortion!" as I left.

I can't believe that in the 21st century, in freaking Canada, it could feel degrading for a girl to get birth control. Fuck this bullshit.

Edit again to clarify : it was not a Planned Parenthood type of place. It was a regular walk-in clinic. There were people with their kids. I could have been there to renew my health insurance, to get a flu shot, whatever. Which is why I was so upset that the receptionist looked at me and went, "PLAN B AMIRITE?"
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