Don't cry for me. I'm already dead. (morbidfantasy25) wrote in bad_service,
Don't cry for me. I'm already dead.

Am I miss understanding something?

Ok, I needed to mail something VERY far away. I live in the US and I had to mail something to Latvia for a friend. So I decide I will go before I head to work. Luckily my shift doesn't start till afternoon so since I have a half hour I Head down to the post office, I wait on a very long line which by then I've already wasted twenty minutes. But I really needed to mail this out, so I'm thinking I will go up to the worker, get postage and run to work as fast as I can. So when she calls me very politely I am thinking it will be a pleasant experience. Wrong.

M: Me
W: Worker

M: Hi, I just want a postage on this if that's ok. *Goes through the motions of giving her package.*

W: *Weighs it, tells me amount, then double checks address* Latvia? You're mailing this to LATVIA?!

M: *Startled she would take a harsh tone with me* Yeah...why? Is there a problem.

W: Sweetie. Please...(And here she proceeds to do the neck roll and finger pointing) Let this be THE LAST time you give us something to mail to Latvia. Ok? Because it will just be floating around and around and never go anywhere.

M: *Thinking WTF?* So I can't mail this then?

W: No you can, just don't bring anything here to Latvia again.

I hadn't time to argue since I had to rush to work in less than five minutes, but wtf? They are the post office. That is where you go when you want to MAIL stuff. Am I missing something? Can any postal workers out there tell me why she would tell me that? I am horribly confused. And if she was just in a bad mood I am thinking of reporting her. She made me feel horrible for mailing something to a friend. 
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