wannabe rockstar (rotf_lmao) wrote in bad_service,
wannabe rockstar

A question about potential bad service

Hey all. I'm writing this post to get some feedback on what you all think of this situation. I don't want to jump the gun on this or anything, but I'm not really happy with this so far, so I just want to see if anyone would agree with me.

There is a CD that was released in 1997 from a singer whose work I enjoy. This CD was never actually released in stores, but was available for purchase from the record company that produced it. It's not a big-time company, like BMG or Sony or anything, but still seems pretty reputable in that they've had success with other musicians and their website seems really professional...Anyway. I contacted the company via email in early January to inquire about buying a copy of the CD, and they quoted me a price of twenty bucls. Reasonable, I figure, and so I send off a money order via registered mail. The money order was sent on January 17.

I have yet to actually receive the CD.

Now, I know that, hey, they're located in California, and I'm in Nova Scotia -- and that's quite a distance, and mail can be notoriously iffy (especially when dealing with Canada Post.) But there was a tracking number on the envelope, since I sent it registered mail, and I know that the money order was delivered on February 4 at approximately two-thirty in the afternoon. So I emailed the company again on Valentine's Day, just to check and make sure that the money order had actually arrived as Canada Post claimed, and to check on the status of the CD.

But I never received a response.

I emailed them again today, because at this point it's been a month since the money order was delivered, and I think a month would be sufficient for a CD to get here, even from the other end of the continent. I haven't received a reply to the second email either.

So, I ask you all: Am I being ridiculous in getting sort of miffed here? I think I at least deserve a response, you know?
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