HaYwiRe (psychomatt) wrote in bad_service,

A relatively minor one

I've got a few others, but I'm trying to spread them out a bit. :)

This one: When we moved to this area, I took my truck to the dealership for oil changes & other routine service. I just figured it would make things easier in case of a warranty repair. On one of the oil changes (the last one I got there, in fact, due specifically to this incident,) they said that the drain plug had been cross-threaded, and that I needed a new one. They charged $5 for the new plug (which is ridiculous, too.) Trouble is, they had done the last several oil changes, so if it got cross-threaded, it was THEIR doing. I briefly tried arguing, but was too tired to press it (I was working overnights, and had been up for nearly 20 hours.) I just didn't go back.
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