philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Zune Bad Service

My mp3 player died last week. It had a flash drive, and somehow, it got humid enough to lose all my music. I was so pissed as there was a bunch I couldn't recover. However, my parents were made of awesome. They were willing to buy me a hard drive player so this wouldn't happen again.

So, we went to Best Buy to find one. We were told that I could either buy an IPOD or a ZUNE player. The ZUNE was a whole lot cheaper, so I went with that one. I took it home and proceeded to put all my music on it and then delete it from my computer. My hard drive on my computer is tiny, and I can't keep all my music on there.

Then the bad service happens. It turns out that you have to keep your music on your computer or the program will remove it from the player. There is no information on this anywhere in the stuff I was given, and no one at Best Buy mentioned this. No other mp3 player works like this, nor do IPODs as far as I'm aware.I went on the website to complain. It took me almost an hour to figure out how as it is not exactly straightforward. I got a reply basically saying tough luck.
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