Tore (aishira) wrote in bad_service,

Here's a question...

Why is it that around inspection time, car dealerships sudden lose any semblance of morality and try anything and everything to f*** people out of their cash?

This year my dad went in to Hyundai to get his inspection. I tell him every year that he should come to Midas with me...they treat me right, I've got to say. But he went to Hyundai anyway because he's got this thing about going to the dealer he bought the car from.

So they take the car in, and about half an hour later one of the mechanics comes out with a brake pad in one hand, and the actual brake in the other. Upon seeing the look on my dad's face I stand back and watch with a half-hidden smirk on my face.

"Your brakes are bad Sir," the mechanic says, "You'll have to have them all replaced."

"Oh really?" my dad says, the back of his ears turning red.

(For the record, if you know anything about car parts at ALL, you could see from the parts the guy was holding that there was absolutely nothing wrong with that brake and pad...they were pristine.)

"Yeah, you see-" the mechanic starts.

"Put the brakes back on the car," my dad says.

"S-sir, I can't do that Sir," the mechanic says, "It would be unsafe. I can't allow you to drive out of here with these brakes...they're too far gone."

"Well that's very interesting," my dad says, now grinning like he's going to murder someone, "Seeing as I had all four brakes and pads replaced at this very establishment no less than four months ago."

The mechanic didn't even have time to formulate another lie before my dad yelled, "Put the brakes back on the car right now before I find myself being hauled away by the cops!"

Granted, some people may have seen that last bit as a customer_suck, but I couldn't help but laugh my ass off because really, where do they get off? And it's not like this is an isolated thing. I've seen so many people get ripped off around inspection time that it's not even funny. The Midas I go to are the only guys I've ever known who will actually say such-and-such is wrong, but it doesn't need to be fixed right now if you don't have the cash and the car will still pass inspection.

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